RV Inspection Services


Who should get an RV inspection?

  • Buyers – If you are planning the purchase of an RV, you should definitely consider an inspection. Inspections can identify potential problem areas that may result in costly repairs. As well, an inspection will highlight non-problem areas.
  • Private Sellers – As an owner of an RV that you would like to sell, an inspection can provide you with a strong negotiating tool if all is well. It can also identify for you those things that need to be fixed before putting your RV on the market.
  • Dealers – As a dealer you can work with RVIC and their Certified Pre-Owned Program to ensure that your customers are buying an RV that has been checked by an independent 3rd party inspector with no financial interest in the transaction. Potential buyers can get comfort in the fact that the RV’s on your lot have been Certified.
  • Lenders – As the prices of RV’s continue to escalate, lending institutions want to ensure they are making sound decisions with the money they are lending. As such, just like with homes, lending institutions are starting to require that an inspection is part of their process in securing a loan.
  • Insurers – Much like lenders, insurance companies want to be sure the investment they are making to insure an RV is one that makes sense for them.
  • Snowbirds –  Before heading off for your stay in a warmer, sun-filled climate, you might want to consider having your RV inspected. Or, perhaps you are already in that warm climate and before too long will be heading for some cooler summer weather. Either way, nothing could be worse than a journey interrupted by a problem that could have been identified and fixed before you left.

RV Inspection Services (RVIS, LLC) is owned by Win and Joanne Semmler. Win and Joanne primarily serve  the midwest states via their offices in Naperville, IL and Tomahawk, WI, but also use their Fleetwood Southwind Class A to travel to inspections throughout the country.

Win has been certified by the National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA) and is affiliated with RV Inspection Connection (RVIC), a national provider of RV inspections.


As an inspector, it is important to keep your skills current or to broaden the knowledge base.  Win has just completed a comprehensive course in RV electrical systems.(Win Semmler RVTNC103)

Additionally, Win has conducted as well as been a guest on Webinars related to RV information or training.

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