Great Service!!!!!

Hello Tim Ralph,

I am writing to you to explain why it took so long to do the sale of our Hurricane motor home to Giant RV.

In November, about the 26th we called Camping World in Valencia, Ca. a Thor motor coach warranty facility recommended by John Woodcox of Thor motor coach in Indiana. Camping World was not able to give us an earlier date than Dec. 22, 2014. We were there as scheduled, and went over the warranty repairs with Linda the service writer. She told us we would be called on Jan 5th 2015.

On January 20th we went to see how the warranty repairs were doing. We had the coach winterized, and serviced, as in oil change, and the necessary things that comes with the complete service, and the fee was $188.00. , Which I knew I had to pay. When we talked to Linda the service work was done, but they only did a couple of the warranty items and in checking those items they were not finished, as she had told us. We were then put off for another week. Two times we went there, we had to get information from the receptionist Kathy. They were supposed to call us and didn’t, so a week later we went to see about the repairs, and their response was they had to order the parts and it would take about another week to get them. I was getting very upset at this time and went back again to talk to Linda. She was leaving the company and a Person named Larry Barns had taken over our work order. He did call to say parts were on order. I talked to the General manager Mark, and he didn’t seem to encourage the service writer to help in getting my work finished. About February 17th we made our fourth trip of six total, 49 miles each way, we were talking with another Camping World unsatisfied customer, whom they gave him a $250.00 gift card to smooth over their differences.

Another service writer, James, took over, and he finally finished the paper work and the repairs. We called on the 24th of Feb to let Camping World know we would be there to pick up our Hurricane and we had to wait over an hour for them to get it out of storage. While waiting we talked to Ray Perry the person that took the Hurricane to Tim Ralph, was telling us how good Tim is in dealing with their clients. He also was a very nice person.

When we talked to you Tim, about buying our Hurricane, you were very efficient in getting all of the paper work to us. It was pleasure to deal with you. You did everything you said and kept us well informed on what to do. You were honest and very polite and in handling our sale.  The transaction with Tim Ralph was handled professionally and accurately.




Daniel & Dianna King