Selling your used RV to Road Time RV is easy!  We have been purchasing used RVs for over 35 years, and have refined the system to make this as easy it can get.

Our purchases are being made from private party resellers, also from other RV Dealers, Auctions, Banks and various other RV Industry outlets.

Most of our RV transactions and appraisals can be negotiated and handled over the phone by asking a few basic questions about your RV’s current condition, care and maintenance, ownership history and E-Mailing current pictures.


Contact Us

Fill out our online form, email us directly, Or give us a call at 619-972-7509


Info and Appraisal

We will determine the current market value of your RV. Our RV Appraisals are primarily based on researching actual Real Time RV Industry Market Resale Values, taking this data into consideration, we try to give the fairest appraisals based on the information given to us by you, so we can alleviate the stress and hassles of back and forth haggling to arrive at a mutual agreement. This gives us an advantage over our competitors in most transactions.



If you agree to our Price, we will handle all paperwork needed. (Bank, DMV, etc..)


Pick-up and Payment

We will come to you, or you can come to us. We provide certified funds.