Consignment Pitfalls

Can’t Get Your RV Sold on Consignment !!

We might be able to help you get better results.


How is it being advertised?
Look online at the potential dealer and the way they advertise. You should be able to find ads on at least 4-5 of the biggest RV advertising websites.

Is the dealer taking as good of care of your RV as you did?

Walk through other Used RV consignments they have displayed. Look online for feedback about the dealer your about to trust your RV with.

Do a proper appraisal to be competitive with the current retail market?
Being over priced turns out to be a waste of time for you. It’s easy to find out what your suggested retail price should be. Look at comparable, like RV’s, to get a idea just don’t believe everything you hear.

It’s easy to take your coach and your PDI fees and promise you that they are better than everyone else and can sell your RV for more money and faster than all the dealer’s calling you promising you the same thing.

There are certain known risks to the owner of the RV if something happens to it while it is in the possession of  the selling dealer. There is a worse scenario… about you and possibly the lender never getting paid. Search online for recent RV consignment fraud.

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People will promise anything to get your business, All I’m trying to do is give RV’ers…known, proven, helpful advice.