Road Time RV

We have bought and sold thousands of Used RV’s. Roadtime RV is actively purchasing 2002 and newer Used RV’s for Giant RV. Our purchases are being made from private RV owners, other RV Dealers, Auctions, Banks and various other RV Industry outlets.
Our RV Appraisals are primarily based on researching actual Real Time RV Industry Market Resale Values, taking this data into consideration, we try to give the fairest appraisals based on the information given to us by you, so we can alleviate the stress and hassles of back and forth haggling to arrive at a mutual agreement. This gives us an advantage over our competitors in most transactions. Most of our RV transactions and appraisals can be negotiated and handled over the phone, by asking a few basic questions about your RV’s current condition, care and maintenance, ownership history and by E-Mailing us current pictures.
Desirable Clean Used RV’s have experienced an uptick in sales, which is putting a demand on our industry clients Used RV inventory levels. Due to this sales growth, we are now actively searching for trades from other dealers that may have typically been wholesaled or sent to a auction, because the unit may not fit the dealer’s inventory profile. Roadtime RV is uniquely equipped to handle the purchase transaction in a professional and timely manner. Once the agreement has been made to purchase a unit, it is paid for with verified funds, and can be picked up at the owner’s or dealer’s location by a Qualified Roadtime RV driver.
Please Contact: Tim Ralph
Phone:     619.972.7509
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